On June 11, 1805, a fire destroyed nearly the entire city, weeks before the Michigan Territory was established. It was that fire that led Mr. Richard to write: “Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus, or we hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes."  That is Detroit's official motto. How fitting for a city that is perpetually described as on the precipice of extinction by those who aren't from here, and quite frankly, don't get what it means to be a Detroiter. This is a city of those who fight back; a city of champions, and a city of people who make stuff. Detroit, literally makes the world go 'round...literally. 


Detroit is a place where people make stuff. From cars to stoves to ice cream--Detroit Does it Better. The Detroit Ice Cream Company celebrates Detroit's legacy of success and innovation with its super premium homemade ice cream. Our mission is to provide every customer with a memorable experience that will both remind and transport them to an era that can only be imagined through sepia tinted photographs. Our objective is to create an iconic brand that positively reaffirms the motto of Detroit, "we hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes," while leveraging our community service efforts, financial and social capital to directly influence the resurgence of an iconic city while valuing the quality of the product as well as the overall experience of its customer. 

About the Owner, LaKisha C. Burns

I was raised to believe in Detroit. My grandparents worked for Chrysler & Ford. My parents & grandparents alike instilled in me a sense of pride about myself & my hometown that made me walk taller. On the weekends, my father, a mechanic from Alabama would take our family to Mr. Fo-Fo's for corned beef & blackberry cobbler before we'd cruise Belle Isle listening to George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic. My mother graduated from Mumford and she’d talk about how awesome Detroit "used to be." She talked about places like Sanders, Hudsons, Crowleys, & the Olympia with the same enthusiasm that Bert from Mary Poppins spoke about the place where you jump into the side walk & dine penguins...Anyway, I remember driving around downtown on the days when I would skip school at Cass (don't balk...I was an excellent student), & looking at every building with complete awe even though they were abandoned, as I gazed up at their dark beauty, I wondered what secrets they held as I thought about the stories my mother told me....Detroiters are proud and tough & I know that Detroit is America. Detroit is the engine that fueled the economic development & success of this great country & anyone that doesn't get that undeniable fact probably won't ever comprehend anything worth getting anyway. 


Like most Black kids from "up north" I spent my summers "down south." I spent one summer on the sun porch of my Aunt Shorty's right outside of Selma. I was only six but she had me shucking peas, making corn bread, canning fig preserves, making pickles, baking cakes, playing in the dirt, retrieving eggs from the chickens, chasing rainbows, planting watermelon seeds, & eventually, making pink strawberry ice cream. Those memories have remained at the forefront of my mind. Now, I'm not sure why, but that year & that summer changed everything for me. 

There is something that has always drawn me to the historical significance of my hometown. I have literally traveled across the globe & three things have always remained at the forefront of my heart: my faith, my love of all things vintage, & my Detroit. The Detroit Ice Cream Company is a gift that I hope will educate, enlighten, & feed Detroiters & our visitors for decades to come. The Detroit Ice Cream is more than just an ice cream parlor...it is a celebration of Detroit & it is my way to say thank you to my fellow Detroiters.