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Who & Why We Are

Finding Inspiration in Every Experience

Who We Are

The Detroit Ice Cream Co celebrates Detroit's legacy of resilience, success, and innovation. Inspired by the city's motto, "Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus" (we hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes), we embody Detroit's spirit of perseverance and progress.

Crafting super-premium homemade ice cream, we reflect the city's commitment to excellence. Our aim is to provide a memorable experience that transports customers to an era of innovation and progress, echoing memories of Detroit from childhood.

Beyond delicious ice cream, we strive to be an iconic brand that reaffirms Detroit's motto. Through community service, financial support, and social capital investment, we catalyze Detroit's growth and success.

Why We Are

The Detroit Ice Cream Co was born from a profound belief in the spirit of Detroit, passed down through generations. 

Memories of weekends filled with corned beef and blackberry cobbler from Mr. Fo-Fo's and cruising Belle Isle listening to George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic created the backdrop for our founder, LaKisha Charrise. LaKisha's mother, a Mumford graduate, shared stories of Detroit's golden days with infectious enthusiasm.

While attending high school in Downtown Detroit's Cass Tech, LaKisha found herself gazing in awe at abandoned buildings, pondering the secrets they held and the stories her mother and father had shared. To her, Detroit embodies pride and toughness, a city that represents the heart of America, driving its economic development and success.

Summers spent "down south" with her father's sister, Aunt Shorty in Autaugaville, AL, shucking peas, making cornbread, and crafting pink strawberry ice cream left an indelible mark. These experiences ignited a passion for history and a deep connection to Detroit.

While traveling throughout her time at college, her travels reinforced three constants in her heart: faith, a love for all things vintage, and a profound connection to Detroit. The Detroit Ice Cream Company is her gift, a celebration of Detroit's heritage and a way to nourish and educate her fellow Detroiters and visitors alike. It's more than just an ice cream parlor; it's a heartfelt tribute and a "thank you" to the resilient spirit of Detroit.

LaKisha Charrise

Rooted, Grounded & Building in Detroit

LaKisha Charrise, a proud Howard University alumna, embodies a multifaceted entrepreneur whose journey is marked by her deep passion for Detroit, unwavering commitment to family, and the thriving success of The Detroit Ice Cream Company.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Detroit, LaKisha's roots run deep within its dynamic landscape. She not only honed her academic skills at Detroit's famed Cass Tech High School but also cultivated a profound appreciation for her hometown's rich culture and history from an early age.

LaKisha's commitment to Detroit goes beyond business; it's a deeply personal connection. As the daughter of a master mechanic from rural Alabama and an author and evangelist from Detroit, she carries the legacy of her family's diverse influences with grace and determination.


With her Howard University education as a solid foundation, at the helm of The Detroit Ice Cream Company, she has created more than just a business; she has crafted an institution that celebrates the essence of Detroit. Her dedication to producing hand-crafted, delectable ice cream is a testament to her love for the city and its residents.

Yet, amidst her entrepreneurial successes, LaKisha remains rooted in her devotion to family. She understands the importance of balancing her roles as a mother, business owner, and community leader. Her ability to juggle these responsibilities with grace is a reflection of her character and values.

LaKisha Charrise's story is one of passion, dedication, and love. Her entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to Detroit, and unwavering support for her family continue to inspire those around her, making her a shining example of what can be achieved when you combine your passions, values, and a strong foundation that is built, rooted and grounded in Detroit.

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